As American Express expanded their digital products and services, they needed a cohesive visual and messaging approach to their digital-focused marketing. The Drive to Digital Toolkit is a guide for creating consistency in the way digital tools are positioned. In addition to the toolkit we also designed creative examples to demonstrate the system. Art direction by Johnny Lim; writing by Yvette Kwakye. 
The toolkit's graphic elements consist of the Activation Frame, the Go Digital tag, American Express icons (existing), and photography direction. 
As the hero visual in the system, the Activation Frame's rounded-corner shape activates a layout, frames a photograph, and signals to the viewer that we are talking digital tools.
The Activation Frame is complemented by the Go Digital Tag as a graphic sign-off to reinforce the role and impact of American Express’s digital servicing tools. 
The function of the Drive to Digital Toolkit is to build visual and verbal recognition throughout the many touchpoints in members’ digital engagement journey that encourages their progress in adopting digital tools. Select creative across channels shown below.
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